CTW Session 3 Handouts
Two Minute-Two Page Resumes: How to Package Yourself

Provided by Sanda Coyle


 Session 3 Examples



CTW Session 4 Handouts
Communication Connection: How to Write Right

Provided by Robin Whitson


 Session 4 Handouts

 Selling to Vito - PDF

 The Startup of You - Executive Summary

 Top 5 Attributes You Need to Have to Land Your Dream Job

 Session 4 Examples

 8 LinkedIn Mistakes

 Career Builder Survey on Thank You Notes



CTW Session 7 Handouts
Networking Strategies: How to Net Work from Your Network

Provided by Sanda Coyle and Robin Whitson


 The Startup of You Documents

 The Three Ways to Introduce Two People Over Email - PDF

 The Ultimate Social Network Job Searching Guide - PDF

 How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search - PDF

 The Dunbar Number - From the Guru of Social Networks - PDF



More information

Here are the handouts for Session 3, 4 and 7. They include all the articles mentioned in the Handouts download. I also have provide you with a pdf of Selling to Vito and an Executive Summary of The Startup of You.

The examples for Session 3 and 4 are from the CTW Notebook.